Jewish Leader Highlights Rising New Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a Jewish business leader who is also a contributing author to the Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post. He is also a philanthropist who created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. A lot of the philanthropic work that Adam Milstein does has to do with promoting Jewish values, supporting the Jewish state of Israel and fighting against rising antisemitism in the world. Below is a synopsis of Adam Milstein’s latest contributing article to the Jerusalem post that was published on July 24, 2017.


In his op-ed article, Adam Milstein sounds the alarm on the rising antisemitism in the world and what can be done to combat it. He describes former antisemitic incidents such as the Kishinev pogrom which killed 49 Jews, injured hundreds more and destroyed thousands of Jewish homes and businesses. The event was the boiling point of antisemitic fervor in Russia at the time and it shocked the world.


Adam Milstein described how during the Kishinev pogrom, many Jews stood by helplessly while their mothers, daughters and sons were beaten and raped. They stood while their homes were destroyed and looted. Today, Jews face a rising antisemitism and Adam Milstein is warning that Jews must not simply stand by and hope that it will disappear.


Mr. Milstein instead advocates for Jews to be proactive. He suggests that Jews fight back before things get out of hands such as when they did during the Kishinev pogrom in the Russian empire. One way to counter to scourge of antisemitism is by exposing it when it is masked in other forms.


Adam Milstein says that antisemitic movements have hijacked progressive movements and are being normalized. So called activists who are anti-Israel such as Linda Sarsour are also being legitimized and even praised by those on the left. This is despite the fact that she has repeatedly supported terrorists and calls for Sharia law to replace the United States Constitution. By exposing so called activists and the ideas behind their leaders, Jews can get a head start in the fight against antisemitism.