Securus Technology- Taking care of The Reformatory World

Securus Technology stated in the year 1986 with the aim of making the correction facilities enjoy the same high level of technology as other places. Based in Dallas Texas we deal with supplying more than 2,600 correction facilities with different technology devices to make their work more comfortable and secure. Securus technologies serve the United States and Canada, and we have more than 1,000 human resources.

Additionally, we boast of regional offices located in Texas, Georgia, Allen, Atlanta, and Carrollton. In July 2016 we decided to invest in a three-year patent, acquisitions and latest and advanced technologies amounting to $ 680 million.

Securus Technologies main agenda is the provision of the advanced parolee tracking devices, detainee’s communication devices and the other government information solutions in managing inmates in various correction centers.

We have the capability of serving over 45 states located all over United States of America, and the adjusted countries including Canada and District of Columbia and Mexico. All this correction holds approximately one million inmates. As a recognized world leader in prison technology devices, we provide the latest intimates solutions to various problems affecting our prisons, innovative technical solutions and we have a team of responsive customer care who are ready to tackle any challenge. We also aim at offering personalized solutions to correction communities and law enforcement.

Our Chairman Mr. Richard A. Smith we are proud of innovations on weekly basis of new investments on products and service that keep up with the latest technology and help the correction officers to solve and prevent crimes. Due to our most recent techniques and robust workforce, our happy customers have left positive reviews boosting our working morale. One of the satisfied customers said that due to the latest tracking device from our company they had reduced the level of staff mismanagement of funds. Another happy correction officer stated that they had minimized the selling of drugs and money laundering in prison cells using our monitoring calls and devices.