Betsy DeVos’ Decades of Selfless Service To Education and Health of Children

Betsy DeVos became the 11th appointee as the United States secretary of education. Her nomination by President Donald Trump was approved by the U.S Senate, and her term officially began on February 7, 2017. She fit seamlessly into this role as most of her career has previously been centered on education policy and reforms. She has continuously advocated for the rights of children from low-income families to access quality education.


Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College where she honed her character as a reformer. She was actively involved in the campus politics, and she chose to stay active in that field ever since. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Betsy continued being in active politics till now. She has headed some political action committees, campaigns, and party organizations. Betsy DeVos served as the chairman of Michigan Republican Party for six years. Dick DeVos, her husband, won the party’s nomination to run for the Governor of Michigan in 2006. Her passion for active politics has seen Betsy DeVos devote thirty years of her life to various reform agendas.


Betsy is also the chairman of the Windquest Group which offers innovative solutions to some of America’s most pressing energy problems. The Windquest Group was founded by Betsy and her husband in 1989. This company is a privately owned investment management and enterprise firm. Windquest has made several investments in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing.


Betsy DeVos’ commitment to reforms has seen her play many philanthropic roles to realize the goals. Through her charity organization, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation of which she is the chair, she has done various charity works. She also serves as a member of the boards of Kids Hope USA, Foundation for Excellence in Education and Mars Hill Bible Church. She has invested heavily in the arts and sits on the board at the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Kendall College of Art and Design.


The DeVos family are also passionate about quality healthcare and make their contribution in that regard to pediatric oncology. This money goes a long way in assisting cases of pediatric cancer at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Her most significant philanthropy efforts have gone to advocating for the children and parents from low-income households to be able to choose a quality school for their children regardless of their background. She, therefore, heads the American Federation for Children, AFC and the educational-choice movement known as Alliance for School Choice.


The philanthropy of the DeVos family has been going on for many decades. They have been ranked together with the Koch family as some of the top funders in recent times. Several millions of dollars have been channeled into think tanks, institutes and legal groups among others.


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