Jeremy Goldstein, Serving the Community that Supports Him

Jeremy Goldstein, an expert on employee compensation law, has a great new option for employers. Knockout options, as they’re called, are stock options for employees. The difference is, they’re sold once the stock hits a pre-determined low point. This puts employees at ease, knowing that their ESOP and, other savings will decrease to nothing, as has happened in the past. The employer makes out by, not having to increase wages more frequently. There is also a time and money savings for the employer by reducing accounting costs. This is clearly a winning scenario for everyone involved.


Jeremy Goldstein’s experience includes many large corporations. He’s taken on telecommunications, food, and beverage, and, even banks as clients. His educational background is in art history, having received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in this discipline. He moved on to New York University’s School of Law. Graduating with distinction, Goldstein was destined for big things. He’s also contributed to NYU’s Journal of Law, and, to Harvard Unversity on corporate governance. His boutique law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is in its beginning stages.


Despite having a schedule that would be considered hectic to anyone, he still makes time to enjoy life. He volunteers for children’s charities, and, shares his expertise as a director. The Fountain House is another organization, Jeremy Goldstein has contributed to and lent his expertise. This organization works with the mentally ill. More specifically, the Fountain House tries to end homelessness, and, to break the stigma that comes along with the disease. Being so well rounded gives Goldstein a competitive edge. His compassion and dedication to helping people don’t only help himself, but, it also helps the community that he serves. With so many accomplishments, Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney you’ll likely hear of in the future. It’ll be interesting to see what he takes on next. Learn more: