A Quick Look Into the Life of Betsy DeVos

When the recantation of the federal policy surrounding the transgender bathroom issue arose, Betsy DeVos made a motion to meet with a representative from the gay and transgender employees that work at the Education Department, to warn them of the coming change in the policy.



An aid that was there at the time of the warning noted that Betsy DeVos resisted the change of the policy, but her public and outward appearance showed no sign of her resistance. There seemed to be no rift in the Trump administration either, and DeVos showed no sign that she had lost. A recent announcement let everyone know that Betsy DeVos felt like the guidelines were an example of the overreach of the Obama administration.



People who have known Betsy DeVos for most of her life knows that her advocation of charter schools and vouchers has proven her strength. She isn’t a meek or small player, which is what many people warn against. While DeVos might have a public graciousness about her, she is strong even when facing setbacks of any kind. Her home state has awarded her the reputation of relentless and driven, and she is effective at fighting policies that she believes in. While she is using her family’s fortune, she has been working to reward the allies and punish any foes who stand in her way. Her work behind the scenes has proven the goal of unseating lawmakers and passing legislation.



Betsy might have instilled a bit of fear in several people, but it doesn’t have anything to do with her money. Her determination and goal setting is something to look out for when dealing with this Secretary of Education.



Her arrival in Washington happened with very little experience in government or working with the president. However, she took control of a department that had upper ranks that were mostly vacant. In fact, she was at a disadvantage during the argument over the transgender bathroom issue. Her disadvantage came mostly against the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has had the ear of President Trump for many years.



Everyone expects Betsy DeVos to learn the ropes of her job quickly and easily as she spends more time in the white house. Her job has led her to a large platform where she can use it to further her goal of education reform. Along with her husband, they have been pushing for this reform for several years.



She grew up in Michigan, and at the age of 59, she has learned more about life than she ever expected. As a young adult, she worked at her father’s company for several years before moving to bigger and better things. She married Dick DeVos, who is the son of the Amway company founder, and together they have worked hard to fight for education reform and various other policies. Only time will tell what their future holds, but it looks bright for the U.S. Secretary of Education, and Betsy DeVos knows that she can use her platform to better the education system in America a piece at a time.


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