How Your Facility Can Benefit From Wireless Containment

Securus Technologies Continues To Be A Success In Inmate Calling Services


It was no surprise when, the popular Securus Technologies network were the recent honorees of the Gold Stevie Award. They’re one of the largest inmate calling providers in North America with former inmate regulatory authority under the state Public Utility Commission. In fact, far too many families and friends of inmates were paying huger fees tie try, and stay connected through other big name network providers. They were able to answer to a stabilized inmate calling portal while their competitors failed to do so with the threat of sanctions and penalties.


Securus Technologies Executive Team


Rick A. Pickens, successful business partner and CEO of Securus, offers their customers receive personalized services. They’re able to leave their comments on their website portal. He also thought it was important for his customers to leave a confidential tip reporting facility related crimes using their crime prevention program. That’s right; you can leave your comments anonymously on the Securus website. Pickens is a graduate of the University of Illinois Business School with a Bachelor’s Degree in business management. He was one of the first Securus executives to initiate an effort for portfolio growth.


Securus Wireless Containment Technology


Does your current facility suffer from increased illegal contraband? The new Securus wireless containment technology allows them to remotely intercept cellphone signals. They will set-up the technology and operate outside the facility without the need for additional manpower. Securus will be able to decrease cellphone crimes in a correctional facility by 36% with wireless containment technology. The current facilities using this test model has been a success. Their employees should not worry about their cellphone signal being interrupted unless otherwise instructed by the facility.


Securus Technologies Preferred Services


JPay Services Access


Securus has acquired the JPay network to give their customers access to inmate service yes under the Securus Technologies brand. The JPay network allows their customers to order features and inmates to use the kiosk system. They van also order products from the kiosk system from their facility pod and have them delivered to their unique facility.


Packaging Services


You can send packages to your friends and love ones and have them delivered directly to an inmates facility. The packaging service feature is only available at select facilities and allows them to order food, electronics, and personal hygiene products. Securus only offers their customers the best products in the industry including Cactus Annie’s.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies website to learn more about their services and features. They offer completely descriptive tabs with their process listed under each feature and technology service.