Samuel Strauch: Building Success with Foresight

Real estate, like most industries, is highly dynamic. Changes in housing trends, travel preferences, and work arrangements have a profound effect on the types of properties people occupy for their residences, work and leisure. To be successful in this field, however, it takes a true visionary who is able to foresee these changes and quickly adapt. Samuel Strauch, founder and principal of Metrik Holdings, a real estate company focusing on properties in Miami and Latin America, is one of these unique individuals.

Samuel Strauch came to Miami nearly fifteen years ago and identified serious potential for real estate investment in an area which he predicted would become a bustling hub rather than an ordinary vacation spot. This type of keen analysis and forward thinking has fueled his company’s success. Strauch has his finger on the pulse of the millennials, the demographic whose preferences are driving many of the shifts in the real estate market. The company’s ability to calibrate its investment objectives, according to market conditions and the people who are responsible for them, is one of the primary appeals of his business model. Add to that a proven track record, a solid reputation, and a strong element of trust, and you have a winning combination at Metrik Holdings.

Samuel Strauch always takes a win-win approach in business. When it come to his employees, partners and clients, his focus is always is how he can develop a plan which will best suit everybody’s needs. Win-win has to be the focus across all aspects of the business and that means there has to be communication and full transparency so all parties are aware of what it takes for the other party to succeed.

Samuel Strauch places a strong emphasis on happiness, his own as well as others’. For him, it means doing the types of things that he enjoys and has a strong passion for. In addition to his real estate business, he is an investor in internet companies and restaurants, and an art and photography enthusiast. As it relates to others, it means ensuring that his organization boasts exciting growth opportunities within and provides a robust exchange of ideas with the community. Samuel is a student of happiness and incorporates it into his life essence and business modus operandi.

Success breeds happiness and happiness breeds more success. This and a little bit of foresight are what set apart Metrik Holdings and its owner, Samuel Strauch.