Located in the United States, Nashville, Clay Hutson is legendary in the music industry. He has been in the music industry from a tender age. It took his hard work to ensure that he turns his love and passion to music into a career. Through his ambition, Clay Hutson has managed to be recognized and respected in various fields found in the music industry. Some of his specializations include being a music producer, a production manager, monitor engineer, stage manager, logistics manager and, rigging among others.

The success he has been attributed by his hard work, his skills and knowledge among other great habits and character he molded himself. He got his education in the United States where he acquired a degree of fine arts in theatre design and later advanced to get a master’s degree in business. The knowledge he had has been a steady foundation for his successes as he has been able to get great returns from his music career.

Clay Hutson has gotten the chance to work in several entertainment sectors which have added to his experience in the music industry. He decided to specialize in rock and roll which holds the basis of his satisfaction. It gave him the opportunity to work with many musicians such as pink and even recently went on a live music tour with Halsey. Halsey is a famous pop musician who has traveled to many places, and the selection to work with Clay Hutson was wise. This is because she considered the hi-tech equipment he has and how he is doing his work efficiently. He worked as her tour manager and ensured that the sound production was perfect together with other music art.

He is a trendy person who loves technology and is always on toes to know the new things in the market. It has enabled Clay Hutson to be a great person as he incorporates the new stuff in his work to make his job more presentable and up-to-date to satisfy both his clients and the music listeners. One instance is his common use of DiGiCo’s technology which over the years has grown to be of better functionality and features. He prefers the use of DiGiCo’s equipment as it is rare to fail. From experience, he tried other companies but at some point abandoned him at a point. For instance, there was a time he was on a live tour and used hand-built D5 which failed, but the back-up of DiGiCo’s helped to evade disappointments. Learn more: