Lori Senecal: A Fascinating Leadership Journey

Lori Senecal is set to leave the advertising sector. She is the chief executive officer at CP&B Global. Danielle Aldrich has promoted Lori to be the president of CP&B West. This new team comprises offices at Boulder & Los Angeles. Lori will join Vinicius Reis, Richard Pinder, and Bamboo Yee. The three are executives under CP&B in different locations. Lori expressed her gladness to be part of the team, and she is confident enough to see what the future holds for the CP&B Company. Lori Senecal points out how she feels. She says that the achievement she has made so far is beyond her expectations. Lori Senecal grew up and started out her career in Canada. She had never had the vision to work in in the United States leave alone taking up leadership positions.


Lori’s previous leadership involvements include being the CEO at the renowned McCann in New York, global chief innovation officer at KBS as well as the lead chief executive at CP&B. She expresses that as a significant achievement. Under the leadership of Lori, the company grew to great heights from being a domestic agency for 250 people to over 900 people. This is what caused the recognition by Crain as the best places to work in NYC. Before working with KBS, Lori was the president of McCann Erickson’s flagship office based at the heart of New York. Before then, she was the lead chief innovation executive at the McCann Workgroup. In the year2014, Lori was named one of the star women that one should watch. For more details visit Bloomberg.


For Lori Senecal, making a day successful and productive takes her into outlining her priorities. After making the priorities, she gets to make the regular communication with the clients and the agency leadership members. This keeps her productive, and she remains focused on the good outcome. She recognizes that when she makes more communication is the more, she becomes so productive. This leads her to strategize the most innovative ways of building the solutions and the pushing for agency success. For Lori, being radical in making collaborations is what enables her to bring great ideas into being. This means that she brings together talents and the necessary tools for making her goals achievable.



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