This Transaction Was Spearheaded By Madison Street Capital

Companies’ executives often order the professional assistance of consultants to both provide unbiased points of view and expert analysis of unique situations, purchase offers, and potential transactions whenever such organizations are faced with potential business dealings worth substantial amounts of money.


Even if such dealings are not valued at solidly material amounts, businesses still seek out consultants for any transactions, dealings, or concerns potentially not related to transactions that could have even the slightest effects on their standings in whatever industry they may serve.


For these very reasons, Professional Pipe, Inc., of North Carolina sought to secure the advisory guidance, expertise, and consultation for a potential purchase on behalf of KJM Capital, LLC, an investing firm that buys out interests in companies that engage in business-to-business (B2B) commerce across the entirety of the United States of America.


Even though the owners of Professional Pipe would not possess ownership of the company for any longer, considering that KJM Capital was looking to buy 100 percent of the North Carolinian owners’ interested in Professional Pipe, they felt that the prestige of Professional Pipe was worth carrying on. Seeking help from the one and only Madison Street Capital of Chicago, Illinois, fulfilled those objectives in full without any doubt in those hard-working owners’ minds.


KJM Capital, as most businesses do following acquisitions, was interested in restructuring and reorganizing the manufacturing and general contracting company’s framework to meet the tough requirements of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the United States’ organization for setting standards and enforcing them in anything and everything related to financial instruments.


Thanks to Madison Street Capital, both sides reached an agreement that was fair – arguably far more favorable than simply “fair” in the eyes of Professional Pipe, Inc. – in regards to the business interests of both sides.


Just minutes after the deal was agreed upon and finalized by attorneys working on the transaction, the executives of all three companies each had something to say about how happy they were for both themselves and the highly successful companies that they respectively serve.


Professional Pipe’s longtime President John Tyson said in a press conference, “[Professional Pipe, Inc., of North Carolina] couldn’t have done this without {Madison Street Capital’s team},” referring to the expertise of Madison Street Capital’s many employees that had been major parts of countless transactions that were all remarkably similar to the one between KJM Capital and Professional Pipe throughout their careers.


Founder and President of KJM Capital, LLC, Kenneth J. Meister, shared with news media sources that “We are pleased to partner with the entire Performance Pipe, Inc., team to continue its success … in the food and refrigeration industries.”


How much KJM Capital paid for the rights to Professional Pipe isn’t currently clear.


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