Sightsavers Achieves Exceptional Abstract Award

Sightsavers was awarded an honorable Abstract Award for their consistency and effectiveness in scientific healthcare from congress. Keep in mind, congress extracts thousands of abstracts from a host of academics and clinics throughout the year. The abstract is an article in the arts of Science that is presented to Congress to review. Once the review process is successfully completed, congress then selects the nominee or nominees who will presented the award. The abstract for Sightsavers was brilliantly written by Dr. Thomas Engel and his partner Guillaume Trotignon. The article further reviews patients who experience financial hardship in Asia are able to finance for ongoing spectacles.

Furthermore, Sightsavers also delivers extraordinary health services and eye health research in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. As the award was presented Dr. Thomas Engels releases a statement ” I am very honored to receive this award for the academic and eye care community. Studies is essential for the services we offer. This award shows our determination and continuance to deliver quality research and extraordinary work worldwide.”