Betsy DeVos – Political Fighter and Philanthropist

Recently, Donald Trump rescinded the federal policy which allowed transgender students and school staff to use the bathrooms at school according to their gender self-identity. On the Conservative Political Action Conference, Betsy DeVos appeared to be going along with the idea. Nothing of her polite talk of the decision showed that she was on a different opinion than the Trump administration.


Her opinion was reflected in her meeting with a representative of the gay and transgender community within the Educational Department in order to warn them of what was happening. For those that know Betsy DeVos and her political activities in the past, it was evident that she was not going to let this pass by her in the end. Her political action has instilled fear in many in her home state of Michigan — and it is not just because of her vast fortune. Her determination and resilience has unseated lawmakers and passed legislation.


Betsy DeVos won the position of Secretary of Education because of the educational reforms within the private school systems that were pushed by her. For more than 30 years, she has fought to reform the funding for school systems and expand it into the private school sector. After long fights and losses on the way, Betsy DeVos finally achieved her goal of funding a school voucher program for children and parents who want to use the private school system.


The decision to take on this radical for its time idea of funding private schools came gradually to her. While her children were in school, she visited a local Christian school for low-income families where many of the parents wanted to provide something better for their children than traditional education with all of its cons. Because the DeVos family could send their children to a school of choice, they believed that all children deserved the right to good education which will nurture their inherent potential.


During her campaign for funding private schools, Betsy DeVos has headed several organizations committed to reforming the school system and delivering more educational opportunities for low-income families. Her idea of success is giving children the option of choosing any educational curriculum regardless of their place of living or social status. With the new age of technology and internet, she believes that education should be a curious, engaging, and interesting activity for all children.


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