The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Is the New Epitome of a Pop Star

The name Alex Pall has been resounding in our ears for quite some time now. The 33 years old born and raised New Yorker has created some of the most catchy and entertaining pop-songs of the last five years: “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Roses,” and “Closer” include some of his greatest hits -so far. This wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of his pal Andrew Taggart, the other half of The Chainsmokers.

Pall started his DJing career as soon as he realized his love for well-crafted pop songs: music gave him artistic and personal, and that’s why he gave DJing an opportunity. He had been working as a DJ in a bunch of New York events when he met his manager and, subsequently, Drew Taggart. At that moment, he quit his job and devoted to the music business completely.

The New Yorker doesn’t only know how to spin a record on a mixing machine, over the years he has learned about the producing business; additionally, he composes and plays the piano tremendously well. Most recently, Pall discovered Taggart’s passion for singing; they both decided Drew was going to perform the vocals of “Closer” with the mega-popular singer Halsey.

Just like many important bands, The Chainsmokers takes experiences from their real life and turn them into songs. In a recent interview, Pall affirmed that “Closer” was about reuniting and hooking up with his an ex-girlfriend. Later on, he completely regretted the experience because it reminded him why they were not together anymore. This song is so popular that it has over 1 billion replays on Spotify.

Pall is one of the most influential pop-star of our decade, and he has been enjoying his fame quite well. Nowadays, he has been taking some time off in his recently bought 1930’s bungalow located in The Hollywood Hills. The property is over 3,600 square feet and has tons of trees located in the entryway. Moreover, it has everything The Chainsmokers needs to create its new album.

Hopefully, the world won’t have to wait forever to hear one of The Chainsmokers’ hits starts blasting on the radios again.