Graeme Holm Determined to Transform the Finance Sector in Australia.

Graeme Holm has brought a new revolution into the financial sector through the formation of Infinity Group Australia. The aim of forming the organization was to alleviate the struggles that the common Australian families were undergoing under the services of the traditional banking institutions. Due to the impunity in the financial sector, the customers were subjected to very unfair financial deals especially when they required the credit assistance from these institutions. They were often frustrated by the institutions by the way they handled them after acquiring loans and mortgages from them. One of the ways in which these clients suffered was high-interest rates. The rates were designed by the institutions without considering the effects they would have on the customers and their welfare.


Graeme Holm formed Infinity Group Australia in the middle of 2013. The principal understanding behind the formation of the company was to exterminate the impunity that the financial institutions had over their customers. One initiative that Graeme Holm included in his strategic plan was the training for the customers about the management of their finances. Graeme had observed that the clients were being affected by the poor financial management strategies that they adopted especially if they borrowed funds from the banks in the form of loans and mortgages. The customers would often find difficulties refinancing the debts they had acquired from the banks due to the poor strategies of managing their finance.


To alleviate this problem, Graeme Holm employed a team of employees who were professional financiers from the prominent banks and financial institutions in Australia. These engage all the customers in training whenever they intend to borrow funds from Infinity Group Australia. The chief purpose of the training is to equip the customers with the right knowledge and skills to balance between their expenses and income so that they do not find themselves in the bad hands of the borrowers.


Graeme Holm has also led Infinity Group Australia to become one of the philanthropic organizations in the region. The company, under the leadership of the couple, has always participated in charity work and other philanthropic activities that are aimed at improving the living standards of the society. One of these activities is the provision of education. Infinity Group Australia has segregated some funds that are used to educate the children from low-income families so that they can become dependable individuals in the community. As a result of the excellent customer service that Infinity Group offers to its clients, the customers are very happy and confess that they are happier with their families than they were before the emergence of the company.


Magnificent customer service has been one of the most significant pillars of the success of Infinity Group Australia. The employees of the organization have been coached and trained to handle the clients like kings, and consequently, the customers are very happy with their services. Some of the clients have been on record stating how the financial training that they receive from the company has impacted their lives. They indicated that they have managed to account for every penny that they earn, something that they never afforded before. Learn more :