Rocketship Education Fixes The Decay Of Some Areas

It is utterly despicable how the government has let many neighborhoods and institutions fall into the crapper. If you look online, you will see pictures and videos of neighborhoods that are run-down and filled with crime. The fact that some neighborhoods are filled with crime is one thing, but the the fact that neighborhoods can so visibly fall into disarray is astonishing. Infrastructural decay puts many local and state governments, as well as the federal government, to absolute shame.

Fortunately, throughout the decades, people have taken notice of the decay of inner-cities. Various organizations have taken the role of bringing vital services to undeserved communities. A plethora of niches have been filled by these organizations. One niche has been education.

Rocketship Education fills the niche of providing top-quality K-5 schooling for local children in underserved communities. Schools in such communities suffer from astonishingly low levels of academic achievement. This results from a thick, complex web of social, economic and political circumstances that they are exposed to. The web of circumstances includes historical trauma related to race, immigration status, poverty, institutional racism and discrimination. There is also a variety of circumstances that people have to deal with in their cultures that relate to their self image, how they treat each other and how society treats them.

Rocketship Education looks at the lives of their students and decides what the curricula should be, based on what the children need. In traditional school settings, one-size-fits-all curricula are forced on children as they run wild and don’t do well. In Rocketship Education schools, kids are held up to a high standard of expectations when it comes to academics and behavior. Their parents are encouraged to engage their time and efforts in school activities. Rocketship Education knows that teaching professionals, children and parents make up communities and must all involve themselves in schools in order to make conditions better.

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