Victoria Doramus: Recovery in Process

For Victoria Doramus, the outside image of her life and success has not always matched well with what she was going through inside. Her list of accomplishments include becoming an expert market trend analyst, being a personal assistant to Peter Borg, working with companies like Trendera, Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, and Stila Cosmetics, and writing for publications like Cosmopolitan and USA Today. It is easy to look at this list and imagine the happy, glamorous lifestyle that must accompany such success.

However, when she was 26 years old, Victoria Doramus realized that drug use had become an addiction she could no longer manage on her own. She entered a rehab facility in Arizona, where she spent 45 days, and left with new skills and tools to combat the disease. From this point in 2011 to 2017, the recovery process proved to be a hard one. In an article posted on, Doramus continued to battle her addiction until she hit bottom and ended up in jail. This was the point where she realized that she would die without changes. Doramus entered Burning Tree, a long-term treatment center. The intense program gave her new focus, and she came back to New York with new priorities.

Today, Victoria Doramus is actively involved in helping others who are struggling with addiction. She supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation, whose mission is to erase stigmas and educate young people about addiction. Doramus works with the Women’s Prison Association to provide support and hope for women in New York jails and prisons. She also works with Room to Read, which focused on educational equality for low-income children. Doramus does not forget about animals in need, and is an active supporter of Best Friends Animal Society, which works to save animals in shelters. Doramus continues to recover her own life, while providing opportunities for others to do the same.