What Shervin Pishevar Said on Twitter

Shervin Pishevar is not shy about speaking his mind on Twitter. In fact, he has become known for his lengthy tweets full of insight about various issues. However, the messages that he posted on Twitter during a period of 21 hours in February 2018 was interesting to many observers. Let’s go over some of his more important points.

The Biggest Companies Will Rule the Economic Landscape

Things are good for large companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google according to Shervin Pishevar. However, the success of these companies could make it harder for smaller or newer startup companies to thrive. This could result in more startups being founded overseas.

Expect a Lot of Turmoil in the Markets

If you believe the words of Shervin Pishevar, you believe that the markets will rise and fall rapidly over the course of 2018 and beyond. The price of gold is expected to go up while Bitcoin could fall to as little as $2,000, which would be a fall of $18,000 from its high in December 2017. Bond markets would also experience volatility as they try to balance out a drop in the stock market. He thinks that the stock market could lose up to 6,000 points in 2018.

America’s Infrastructure Is Nothing To Be Proud Of

Shervin Pishevar thinks that America is going to lose its economic superiority to countries such as China because the country lacks a long-term vision. This vision has resulted in an infrastructure that is sorely in need of an upgrade or some plan to rally around. Pishevar does believe that Elon Musk could be a bright spot when it comes to helping create new modes of transportation over the next several years and decades.

Silicon Valley Won’t Be the Same

California has traditionally been a place where people go to start companies. However, since it is easier in 2018 to start a company almost anywhere, California and Silicon Valley will lose their grip on startup culture in the United States and beyond.