Jeunesse Global advances the science of anti-aging micro-cremes

Entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started Jeunesse Global in 2009 when they had first embarked upon a brief stint at retirement. But the couple quickly discovered that they did not enjoy long days with nothing to do. Within just a few weeks of retiring, the couple had begun selling a few health and beauty products out of their garage. This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global, a company that would become one of the most important global cosmetics and health brands. Today, the company has grown from a self-financed startup into one of the top-selling brands in the world of cosmetics and nutraceuticals, with the company being worth an estimated $1 billion.

This incredible growth was a direct product of the entrepreneurial talents of Ray and Lewis. The couple had spent the prior for decades building some of the most successful direct-marketing companies in America. Now, they were setting their sights on an even larger target, looking to expand Jeunesse Global too many countries across the globe and penetrate deep into the international cosmetics market.

Both Ray and Lewis were able to marshal their own unique talents in the effort towards building the company. Ray was able to quickly recruit some of the top direct-selling experts in the world, allowing the company to quickly grow networks of sales agents across the globe. At the same time, Lewis was able to spot market niches that have been largely underserved by the major players in the industry. She was able to tap into a deep well of industry contacts, creating some of the top products in the business on a very short time frame.

One such product is the company’s micro-créme and facial cleanser, Instantly Ageless. Instantly Ageless is able to penetrate deep into the skin’s pores, removing excess grime and dirt that can be the cause of irritation, infection and long-term blemish formation. This product performs towards the top of its class. But at the same time, it is offered for a very reasonable price, making it highly affordable for people all across the world.

Instantly Ageless is just one example of the kinds of products that is quickly making Jeunesse Global the market leader.