Secrets to Hussain Sajwani Success in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani story is an illustration of handwork, resilience, and discipline. His growth from just helping in the family business to now being one of the global actors in the real estate is the perfect illustration of success. The growth story of Dubai and UAE is incomplete without mentioning him and DAMAC Properties.

Where did Hussain Sajwani story begin? Unlike other rich people in the Arab world, he has worked all his life. His family business taught him business basics. The turning point, however, was his scholarship to the USA. The University of Washington graduate experienced a mental shift regarding his approach to business and investment. This change was after graduating with Economics and Engineering. Hussain Sajwani first employment served as an eye-opener to the world of business.

The first investment, however, was in the hospitality industry and more specifically the food industry. Due to Hussain Sajwani good introduction on running a business in his previous employment, he was able to run a business to become one of the biggest and busiest food outlets. Hussain Sajwani still has interests in the hospitality industry although he has dedicated more time into property business.

DAMAC Properties as a business venture was mainly inspired by the UAE development agenda in the early 2000s. During this period, the real estate industry was relatively dormant compared to now. This reality gave Hussain Sajwani an opportunity to make an impact in his country through developing properties that were in line with the UAE development blueprint. Together with other developers, they made the UAE the exceptional market we know today.

What is the future of DAMAC Properties? As a visionary investor, Hussain Sajwani is always in search for profitable ventures and ventures that have an impact on humanity. According to him, the latest growth of China has led to a lot of middle-class housing crisis.

There is a massive need of housing in the Chinese Middle class and according to him; this is the future of real estate business. Sajwani’s investment in China does not mean total abandonment to the Arab market. Currently, he has business interests in other Arab countries apart from UAE.

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