Stream Energy; Transforming Lives through Philanthropy

Hurricane Harvey was among the most devastating natural calamities to hit the country recently. The storm was responsible for destroyed property or livelihood that left many people stranded. Many organizations could only watch as the wave of destruction took place. However, Stream Energy saw this as the the chance to give so much back to the society. The company helped the affected families to recover by easing their financial burdens and participating in recovery operations.

Stream is involved in energy sales and their effort was crucial in dealing with the homelessness that was brought about by the hurricane. featured the efforts of Stream Energy. According to Stream Energy, corporate philanthropy is in their DNA. Stream recently launched “Stream Cares’’ which is their charity foundation. This launch is important in formalizing the philanthropic efforts of this organization all over Texas and in the country. The setting up of a philanthropic foundation offers Stream energy the benefit of giving back to society while they earn the respect and loyalty of the society.

Stream Energy has corporate partners who play a key role in their grassroot and regional giving. Some of the partners include the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The company has a simple business model. Stream uses direct selling to pay associates. This is useful in forming networks of loyal clients and in the delivery of a variety of products and services including mobile plans and fixed rate energy sales. Stream provides both corporate and residential services.

Homelessness is a main concern for Stream Energy. The company and its employees do a routine tracking of the number of people who are homeless in Dallas. They were able to tackle the problem of homelessness through a foundation called Hope. Their partnership with Hope allowed the employees of Stream to offer the homeless supplies, money and the experience of a lifetime. It has partnered with Hope for over four years. Hope foundation provides clothing, diapers, food supplies and more on a routine basis to homeless children. In 2016, the company was among the first to respond after a tornado hit Texas.