CloudWick Role In Offering Data Services

Thanks to technology, acquiring information that a company can use to confirm the progress of their company is quite easy. CloudWick is a leading enterprise that offers clients big data services and solutions. Maninder Chhabra founded the company in 2011 and its headquarters are in California. Over the years CloudWick has been making necessary strides to ensure that they provide reliable information and valuable information to their clients through the data they collect. In May 2018, CloudWick announced the availability of CDL. CDL is an extremely large data security platform, which uses Spark, Apache Hadoop, and Solr along with a capture and manager software to enable the delivery of the first security system.

This security system is capable of writing and ingesting several 100 Gbps. It can also ingest 10s of millions of data and enable it to flow within a second. It also enables the reduction of security costs by approximately more than 50%. It also offers advanced data management and correlation for advanced analytics. The creation and the availability of the CDL will help the next generation of SIEM support big data capabilities as well as aid in transforming enterprise security. Another step CloudWick took in embracing the demand for predictive analysis and machine learning was to expand their team.

The demand for predictive analytic services and machine learning has risen over the past years and an increase in their team will help ensure that the demand is met appropriately. However, despite the demand increasing the team of experts in CloudWick proved to be difficult due to the shortage of experienced and trained machine learning engineers. This shortage made them result to internally training their staff to tackle such responsibilities for them to meet the demands. CloudWick has also created summer internship programs that enable graduating computer science students with a passion to specialize in predictive analytics and machine learning, to learn them.

This internship program has made it possible for computer scientists to branch out to their areas of interests with the necessary guidance on how to become the best in predictive analysis and machine. It also offers graduate students the opportunity to showcase their skills.