Guilherme Paulus Contribution To The Brazilian Economy

Guilherme Paulus began his line of work as an intern at IBM; he was very determined to gain more experiences as well as gain connections. He always had a passion for starting his own business. Guilherme Paulus currently has gained popularity all over Brazil.

Paulus runs a prominent tour company CVC Brasil Operadora as well as hotels and resorts for the GJP branches. GJP Company has more than 20 hotels and resorts located in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Macaio Recife. The corporation has employed more than 5,000 employees who are determined to ensure that any customer who visits their businesses are treated well and enjoys their visit. Guilherme keeps all employees inspired to ensure that they offer high standard services to the clients.

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During one of Guilherme Paulus trip, he met with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari and a state Deputy. They shared their ambition to start a tourist agency, the idea was very good, but at that time Paulus did not have the money to invest. He continued working for Casa Faro although his passion was to become an entrepreneur. After some time, Paulus decided to start a store that did well. Later he began CVC business that has become very prominent.

Guilherme starts his day early; he is always optimistic to plan all his activities after analysis Paulus records the procedure to use to handle all his weekly activities. This organization saves time and gives him ample time to allocate the necessary resources. To succeed Paulus uses advanced technology that has speed in passing information. Technology is accurate, and the company can know the trending issues in the market as well as the needs and interests of the customers.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus understands that the necessity in business is communication between the customers, employees and the management team. The clients are given an opportunity to express their requests to the employees to adopt new practices which favor both parties. If the employees require new resources to implement the customer’s needs, they communicate with the management team to make the funds available hence the business runs smoothly.