Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: Transforming Brazil’s Vehicle Import Sector

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has come along, and no doubt deserves to be the chair of the year. It is evident from the contributions he has made to his company, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira (CAOA). He is the founder of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Company and has played a crucial role in its growth over the years. He got elected for the 2019 car of the year award and got the executive of the year; Autoesporte offers the award.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s s journey in the automotive sector started way back in 1979 just after he bought the Ford Landau. He purchased the dealership after it had gone bankrupt. Dr. Carlos turned things around for the company and in less than six years, the company had grown to become Brazil’s largest Ford dealer. He went ahead to import Renault and became the Hyundai representative in Brazil.

Dr. Carlo’s company Carlos Alberto de Oliveira took over the operation of China’s Chery together with the plant in Sao Paulo. The entrepreneur, who is on the lookout for the ways to improve his business, was able to start a Hyundai factory in Brazil out of his pocket. The company won the distributor of the year in 2012. Chery first arrived in Brazil in 2009, and in 2014 they inaugurated their plant in Jacarei. It was the first operation the company had done outside China, and it cost them 400 million dollars.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Company has grown over the years and is now the best seller of the Tiggo2 crossover. There is still more Tiggo line that will be manufactured. The Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Company has plans to make the Tiggo 7 which will be the most sophisticated vehicle in the country. The cherry Carlos Alberto de Oliveira is bold, and this is indicated by the cars they manufacture.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira sold 89,053 units in 2011, and that was the best year for the company. It was also in the same year that the company had its highest sales of 38,635 units. When compared to other firms in the same industry, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira had a peak production of 3,738,448 in 2013. There is no doubt that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has enabled the company to grow and reach international standards.