Dan Bethelmy-Rada Introduces The R.A.W Line To the World

In an effort to bring to the market a 100% all natural beauty product, Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Global Brand president of Matrix had to overcome a whole stack of obstacles in order to stay true to the promise he and the company made to their customers. Backed by L’Oreal, project R.A.W as it was named would need more than just a large sum of money, it would need innovative techniques and patience.

So, how did the idea of R.A.W come to be? Dan Bethelmy-Rada states that the demands of today’s customers are changing rapidly, and he saw this in the constant demand for an all natural product. Although there are plenty of products on the market that state that they are “100% natural”, the reality is that they tend to be a blend of real and artificial ingredients. Matrix/L’Oreal customers wanted the real deal, a product that not only contained natural products but also that left a very to non-existing footprint on the environment itself.

The first obstacle felt by the company and Dan Bethelmy-Rada was the shipment of the ingredients, specifically a Moroccan volcanic clay that tended to expire during its long shipping time. Not wanting to opt for a cheaper and artificial solution, Dan kept to his promise of keeping ingredients as natural as possible and pulled through, however, this obstacle would lead to an extension of the initial product debut.

The second obstacle was how Matrix would roll out R.A.W into hair salons and social media without making it seem like the company was lecturing people on how to be environmentally friendly. Dan Bethelmy-Rada quickly understood that the best route was to demonstrate to hairdressers the perks of being “green” through demonstrations such as turning off the water when scrubbing. The technique was a hit and when R.A.W debuted in stores the reviews where everything Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team could wish for.