The Efforts Of Adam Milstein To Connect Young Jewish People To The Israeli State

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American real estate investor as well as philanthropist. He moved to the United States with his wife and children in 1981, and went on to further his education, earning his MB degree in 1983 from UCLA. His journey in the commercial real estate business saw him work his way up and becoming managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

Following his wish to give back to the Israeli-American community, Adam Milstein alongside his wife established the Adam and Gia Milstein Family Foundation, in order to promote unity in the Israeli-American community and to nurture a stronger sense of Jewish identity when it comes to the children of first-generation Israeli-Americans.

The foundation came about after Adam Milstein came across a piece of research which was conducted by pew Research Center and revealed that the majority of young Jewish people in the States did not feel a strong tie to Israel. The research also showed that young Jewish people were also not able to answer correctly basic questions about the Israeli state. Adam Milstein aims to improve the Jewish American community, and one of the main ways of doing that is by making Judaism-related education more available and accessible.

The foundation established by Adam Milstein and his wife has also been involved with Birth Right, which is an organization that is, among other things, responsible with making it possible for American Jewish people to visit Israel. Milstein has been responsible for sending more than 1,000 people to visit Israel, and he believes that getting to experience what Israel has to offer first-hand will make American Jews feel more connected to their Jewish identity.

Besides his work with the foundation, Milstein and his wife are co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization which provides free books in Hebrew every month to over 70 Israeli-Jewish American families in the country. In addition, they launched “The Donor Forum” in 2016, which is an initiative pro-Israel donors with various pro-Israel causes. He was part of the Jerusalem Post’s world’s 50 most influential Jews in 2016, and was part of JTA’s top 25 most influential people on Jewish Twitter.