Serge Belamant Is A Technology Entrepreneur Who Believes In Challenging His Own Ideas

Serge Belamant was born in France, but he moved to South Africa at the age of 14. He is a founding patent holder of blockchain technologies and has worked with many different tech companies over the years. Some of the best work he has done during his lifetime has been related to digital financial transaction software coding. He is the creator of Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc. and teamed up with VISA in 1995 to create the kinds of chips cards that are used everywhere now.

Serge Belamant studied computer science at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. In 1999, he helped to create a digital payment system that helped to offer people in South Africa welfare grants. His system has since been used in multiple global countries. Belamant’s latest venture is named Zilch Technologies, and he helped to co-found the company. The idea for the company came from his son Phillip, who has also created a a company centered around mobile games.

Today, Serge Belamant is semi-retired, and he usually makes a list of things he needs to get done during most weeks. He still works with some of the companies he has created or been a part of by helping them to overcome problems. Belamant likes to watch the news to see what is going on in the United Kingdom as well as the rest of world. He also enjoys learning about things that I he has touched upon in the past but wanted to know more about. He also loves to spend time with his wife and enjoys walks when he can.

As an entrepreneur, Serge Belamant has always been one to look for the root of a problem so he can create something that can help to solve it. He believes that it is best to draw on multiple fields of study when addressing any kind of issue or looking to come up with a new idea because this is how the best ideas are created. Belamant has always been a man that looks to challenge his own ideas, and he suggests that anyone who is an innovator should believe in themselves and pursue their passion.

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